3 Bang on reasons which makes POISON a must watch

Filmy Gyan | 10 October 2021

3 Bang on reasons which makes POISON a must watch

Who does not want drama?

Who doesn’t want thrill in one’s life?

Who doesn’t want to take revenge?

You? Oh, come on. Then life is yet to happen with you

Witness Poison – the latest series on Zee5. It is a classic revenge drama that depicts hatred, sex, violence, and apocalypse.

Gone are days when Cinemas dominated the small screen. In today’s era, it is television and web series which are going way ahead in characterization, storytelling and discovering new talent. Comparing TV series with novels and movies with short stories wouldn’t be wrong after all. TV series have the power to not just keep you engaged but also leave an impact with their details, and they literally blow life into every character.

While there are so many web series available today, we are constantly on a hunt to grab the best. Well, Poison is the current series where your hunt will end. Starring Arbaaz Khan, Riya Sen, Saakshi Pradhan, Tanuj Virwani, and Freddy Daruwala in leads, the series is a mystery thriller that started streaming on 19th April and is doing splendidly well on screen.  Poison even marks the web debut of Arbaaz Khan.

Set in Goa, Poison is a dark mystery thriller that represents multi-layered characters. Each of the characters in the series has its own secret agenda. The series finely narrates love which turns into lust. Greed makes it hard to distinguish between right and wrong. This leaves the victim with nothing but poison and revenge in their heart. The story starts with Ranveer (Tanuj Virwani), who has been released from his jail sentence. He seeks nothing but vengeance.

Every character in the series is well-carved. Also, while watching the series, you might observe a switch in your emotions which sympathies with one character and then the other.

Poison is nothing but a must-watch series, so what are you waiting for?

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